Drones also banned from public parks? (CA Bay area, San Jose)

Hi All,

I tried to figure it out if the drones are banned out from all type of parks in the SF Bay area (CA) or just from national parks. (All the articles are talking about the disturbance of the wild life... well :) not so much in San Jose) 

Anybody from the area knows some place where it's legal to fly somewhere around San Jose? 

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There is a red tour helicopter that flies under the bridge multiple times a day... I've been in it. I was a lot of fun obviously and the heli is moving fairly fast so not a time for a drone to get in the way. I've always wanted to fly my rig around the bridge but being a pilot I know better.

The death of the DIY "drone" hobby is coming IMO, and I believe 3DR suddenly announced getting out of the DIY business was not spontaneous. We will be relegated to as it was before the advent of FPV, GPS and autonomous flight. BORING. Either that or will only be allowed to use "approved" fields to fly. BORING. Got GPS? You're the target.

I will just post links with minimal comment. Draw your own conclusions. As for me, I'm probably done with the hobby after spending $1000's for what I now consider will be useless equipment. 

https://3drobotics.com/3dr-collaborates-with-airmap-to-integrate-fl...  no mention of working with DJI and integrating with https://www.noflyzone.org/

But 3DR and DJI were partnering for a long time. I don't recall that ever being announced.

http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/airmap-announces-partnershi...  Dated Nov 17, and "for the last several months" indicates this has been in the works for a long time and IMO explains 3DR's decision to scrap the DIY portion of their business as only Solo/DJI type products can be tracked at this time.

Read this 28+ page discussion at RCG   http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2572275  It got so bad DJI had to send in their attorney to lie  set the record straight. Instead he poured fuel on the fire. Few believe one thing he said.

And for good reason. See AirMap's privacy policy:


It's the modern day 'no call list' and "snitch on your neighbor". Don't like your neighbor flying his "drone" in "your" airspace (over your home as they put it)? Just complain and it will be added to the NFZ. Better still, your flight record, personal information and CC# are all stored for LE. This could easily be expanded to neighborhoods, then all parks, schools and fairgrounds etc.,  then entire cities then eventually there won't be any place left to fly except where the "authorities" designate. Don't think so? 


Quit.  Making.  Stuff.  UP.

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