I am a berry farmer in Gardnerville Nevada with 1000 raspberry and blackberry plants.  Every year I have tried methods to control robins and other birds with noise and mylar.  The current best practice is with predatory birds.  I am interested in trying drones, especially with an automated program (unmanned) to start, find/scare birds, and then shutdown just like I would do if I was out in the field directing falcons.  This kind of work may be grant fundable.  Anyone with experience here or interested?

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I really love falconry. I prefer you to get advice from a professional falconry service before starting your work. As I was interested in falconry once, I had a three months training on it and at that time I had contacted Hawkeye wildlife control service for more information. If you need, you can have a look at it - http://www.hawkeye.ca/toronto-falconers-birds-of-prey/falconry-expe...

thanks...controlling robins in our field requires constant patrol since the birds come at all times for a bit of our berries.  While falconry looks very promising and is used by some berry farmers, I think the cost and effort for our farm would be prohibitive.  This is why I am interested in drones.

You need this... I see in any Spanish shop but now I can´t remember


I know this thread is very old, but I wanted to share with you that we are working on bird control drones here at Flock Free bird control.
Here is the video of the prototype drone.

This drone will help us keep pressure on the birds while the other control measures begin to work.

We are developing another larger drone to serve a few other needs for agriculture bird control.

Don Wiggins
Flock Free Bird Control solutions

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