Hi, I have two cameras onboard, I want to have the OSD in the high resolution onboard recording (as well as the low resolution FPV one). Is it possible to have two OSD connected in parallel from the Pixhawk?

Or is there some other better way of doing it?

Thanks in advance.


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Yes it is possible. You can cut the write data wire to the 2nd OSD so it only shares the remaining wires. THis is the same thing that happens when an OSD is a slave that shares the wiring that goes to a radio.

The problem with your idea is the OSD only works with analog video which means, the best you will get is SD or 640x400. Personally id rather have a HD recording than a SD one with the OSD ontop.

Thanks. I see.

Is there any software that can overlaying log data onto the video without too much trouble?

Try placing a video switch between the Vin on the minimOSD and the cameras.  Something like this:


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