I have a DX8 would really like to get 6 flight modes out of my 3 position switch (and one additional switch) using only one channel.  There are great instructions on how to do this  here... http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/spektrum-dx8-6-flights-mode-with-...

My only problem is I am down to only one available mix and those instructions require two. 

Who here is a super mixing genious and can tell me how to do it with one channel (gear and gear switch) and one extra switch (FM switch) while only using one mix?

Anybody up to the challenge?

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While I can't help you, I want to open up my tx and see if you can fit a rotary switch in place of the Aux3 dial. This will give you 6 or 8 "clickable" positions. I have seen it done on other Txs.

When I get brave enough I'll post :)

Yea, that would be great too.  To bad that is not an option from the mfg.  I was considering building an encoder with an additional switch (via mini arduino or something) that attached to the transmitter somewhere and would plug into the trainer port...but finding the wright mix would be great so I don't have to mod my $400 radio.  Thanks for the post, let me know your findings. 

chad - there are some six position dials you can add to your DX8 but it requires that you either replace the dial that is already there or drill a hole for the additional dial? This actually is the best way to do this since it is a 6 position click stop dial that uses only one channel needing no mixes. Here is the link on ebay that shows how to install and set it up.

I ordered one myself and I plan on replacing the existing DX8 dial since i never use it...  You would think these types of dials would be standard on all transmitters since there are many uses for such a dial? Hope this helps...


That looks nice, thanks for the advice.

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