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I recently bought a DYS 3-Axis gimbal from xproheli to use with my 3DR iris+ and GoPro Hero 4 Black. I was under the impression that if purchased from xproheli, these would come with the PID settings already configured, a "mode" button installed for varying gimbal settings, and an extra set of rubber dampeners typically used with 3DR's Tarot gimbal; however, none of this came with my gimbal. Probably because it was on sale.

I recently tried tuning my gimbal with the settings from another post here:


However, I'm running into issues with a strong "jitter" along the pitch axis when I try to pitch the camera in the downward position, and also some very strong yaw motion issues when moving the quadcopter around to test the gimbal. I have linked a video showing these issues here:


I attached screenshots of my PID settings. I also tried reaching out to xproheli, but I can't reach them through their support email. I'm pretty inexperienced when it comes to gimbals so I would greatly appreciate any help with this issue!



DYS Gimbal Settings for Iris+

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