Hi everyone,

Two years of research and dozens of hours building and tweaking and my Skywalker 1900 has finally flown  

 . Absolutely awesome. Everything seems to be working just fine at the moment( except HIL ever since upgrading from 3.4 to 3.5)

My biggest problem however are birds of prey in my area are wanting to take out my Skywalker!  I am on constant guard and now too scared to do a cross country trip for fear of not seeing my bird return in one piece or more than likely not at all. 

Has anyone else had similar problems. I would love to be able to utilise the onboard pezzo speaker to pulse a high frequency shrill at programmed intervals but I don't know how to write code. Could I put an ultrasonic sensor on the wing facing upwards to pick up the approach of these Kamikazes,and then trigger the onboard speaker somehow?

From studying these predatory beasts of the air, it seems that you either have to fly low and fast or at high altitude and nothing in between.

What solutions if any have you guys come up with?

Regards, Julian.


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Have you tried bright colors? Maybe orange?

 Bright colors don't seem to have any deterrent effect. Thought they might even be attracting them lol.

Birds of prey can be very territorial and these probably see your Skywalker as a threat to their territory. Flying away from their area is the obvious solution but that may not be possible/practical.

Do they actually strike your aircraft or just dive-bomb?

I don't think colors and sound will have an effect either as some of their prey give off alarm calls so they'll think it's just that and won't be deterred.

They may get used to your presence over time especially if you don't respond to their attacks, if you respond by banking or diving it teaches them that they're having an effect.

Hi Graham, thanks for your thoughts.

The smaller Hawks just seem to loiter in a menacing way however the much larger Wedge Tailed eagles tuck their wings in close to their body and actually come in for the kill. Picture the old German Stuka. I have lost a cheap HKing Kinetic 800 glider to one of these eagles before so I know they are not bluffing when they go into the dive. I have no choice but to switch to manual mode so I have maximum pitch available and head straight for terra firma.  I certainly don't want to play chicken with my $1200 investment to see if they are only "foxing".

Some days in summer they can be a real menace at our local flying field. I think they are definitely worse over the hotter summer periods. So for now I'm just going to have to stay within line of sight and watch my six until i can work something out. ( Cap gun, strobe, high frequency shrill etc)




I have just the same problem and when vultures arrive on the scene I always retreat.

We have troubles with teros, they apropiare the runways.

I was trying to take off with my poor Bixler :O

Hi Cala,
We have a similar bird here in Australia called a Spur Winged Plubber. All show and no action though.
Would these birds actually take your plane out if they could or are they just trying to scare you?

Cala, that's the typical behavoiur of plovers (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plover) with a camouflaged nest with eggs or chicks nearby. The short grass at your flying site is the preferred nest habitat for plovers, if you look around carefully you can sometimes find the nest or chicks. We have a crowned plover here that does the same, especially to dogs in the parks. To Bixlers too :)

This angry birds are common here in RC clubes but they are inoffensives, they looks very agressives with air planes but they have panic to multirotors LOL. Thank's for the english name Graham and Julian.

I want to paint the bixler like an eagle ;)

I have the same problem in Canada with Eagles and hawks, they dont like my X5 and Skyhunter aircraft. They live in the trees to one side of my flying area. 

One Eagle is particular aggressive and will climb above my plane and then dive to attack even if I am a long way from his/her home area. I found a technique that works to avoid him. I dont want the rear mounted props to injure him.

When he starts to drop I dive the aircraft towards the ground to gain speed then when near the ground pull up and climb as fast as is possible using the extra speed and full throttle. He cannot keep up with the sudden climb and tries to follow but soon gives up. Sometimes this repeats 2-3 times before he goes home to patrol in peace.  Now he has got used to me and my aircraft and flies down close for an inspection but does not attack. I keep away from his home and give him the respect he deserves. Its still a beautiful sight to see him in the air. 

Don't you have photos from your plane?, they can be nice :)

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