Quick FYI, if your wondering if the Easy Star Electronics Chassis fits the new EasyStar II.....it seems to fit just fine. Not as nice a fit as the original EasyStar but fits without any modification and with a bit more room available. Couple of pics below....

I'll do a more detailed post when its finished.


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hey, that's good to know, since I am thinking of upgrading from my Easystar I to the II and I like the camera pod.

did you additionally adapt somehow the front of the pod to get a tight fit?

thanks a lot,


Hi Christian,

I didn't modify the chassis at all really - I held it on with 2 elastic bands which worked well and was secure.

I really like the Easystar II, I lost the one in the picture in a tragic fly away incident (bad pilot!).

I'm currently building a new one - I'm planning on integrating the APM internal to the Easystar this time so I can still fit the canopy on this time.

Cheers Paul

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