Drones have become an extremely efficient and safe alternative to conventional oil and gas inspections.

The small UAV and larger long-endurance UAV will be equipped with high-definition video and infrared thermal imaging sensor, laser leak detection system and high-resolution still frame camera. These sensor technologies provide unprecedented oil and gas asset and facility inspection data from affordable portable gas detection platforms.

By using the remote geographic system inspection and reporting software suite, oil and gas UAV operators can now easily bring geo-tagged video, photos, leak detection data and reports to customers and stakeholders.

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Does the cyclone caused by the rotor rotation of the UAV affect the measurement results?

That's a good question, but have you ever thought there would be wind in the sky without drones? Wind also affects gas content.

Gas Detector G2 is equipped with a high-definition 4-megapixel 360-degree panoramic camera, which can record and transmit real-time 360-degree panoramic images of the tested environment to facilitate remote operators to command and control online so they can conduct comprehensive comparison and judgment of the situation and data in the later stage

I would like to ask professionals, the signal of the UAV is interfered during the detection, what should I do.

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