Hi all

I'm about to take the plunge on a Mini Mugin 2.6m from FPVModel. I really prefer it to be electric, so I need some suggestions what to replace the motor with.

It comes with a DLE30 motor swinging a 19" prop. The factory (after my insistence that it should be electric) suggests:

Battery: 2W 6-8S
Motor: 6350 kv 380
ESC: 80-100A
propeller: 20X10

I was thinking a HobbyKing Rotomax 1.4 which is rated 2.7 Watt and 228kv.

Any wisdom much appreciated.

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Did my maiden!

Nice. its same size as 60" rc plane.

I'm using an E-Flite Power 160. Initially I had an EMax, which I'll never support again - magnets came off in flight repeatedly and after sales service is non existing.

It's done many, many flights since. Going strong.

Great :-D How many cameras/sensors you can fit in it and how log is the flight with current power setup?  

I've had 3 cameras onboard once, with just one I get just about 2 hours.

Three is more than enough. With 2 hours flight at 300m alt. may be can cover up to 600ha. area in one mission.   

600ha is exactly right! That's what I can achieve at 100m at 80kph.

If at 100m alt. and your cameras is 20MP or high quality capability that's really impressive output can be achived (Orthophoto & DSM). If you can have a test with advance sensors like NRGB cameras (like satellite sensor) also lidar sensor would be very very good. At the moment I only use canon s100 cameras but looking forward to test other sensors in future when I have budget for it. :-D      

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