Hi Hope someone can offer me some advise. I was flying my CX20 today copter was flying well and I had run down my second battery.  When i was packing up and removing the battery from the copter one of the ESC board capacitor had broken off. I plugged battery back in to see if the quadcopter was still flying ok and to my amazement it was without the Capacitor. Can someone let me know if flying the CX20 without the Capacitor will do any harm as i said it is still flying really well ?

P.S. The Capacitor is a 470µF 16V 85°C Radial Electrolytic Capacitor that extends out the back of the ESC Board on my Cheerson CX20 Quadcopter

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Hello O'Neill.

You may notice some instability in the output of your quad. I don't think it's a major issue, but i think you can compensate for that by inserting such or an even larger electrolytic capacitor across the power distribution board terminals. It should have a similar effect.

Thanks Nick for your reply.. I have ordered some capacitors and will solder to the board as they were.. The only problem I see with my quadcopter is that it is jumping up and down when in any GPS mode but don't think that is caused by the broken capacitor as the quad flies well in manual mode. I think the unstable GPS mode is a vibration issue.. So I'm going to take my quad apart and try to dampen the flight controller and compass with foam to fix this issue. I hope it works

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