Electronic Speed Control ( ESC ) programming guides or manuals?

I purchased a Multiplex EasyStar RTF as part of a project. As a first time flyer, the system is incredible, and I've learned a tremendous amount from it.
However, at some point I changed the stock settings on the ESC (or I fried it. The motor turns, but at a low thrust setting). It is a Mutliplex Multicont X-08. I've been scouring the net for a programming guide for this system, and I haven't come up with anything. The descriptions allude to a programming capability, but none of them state how to actually accomplish this.

I've been trying to "trial-and-error" the system. I just tried connecting the airframe battery pack while the RC unit has the throttle in the max position (this seems to be how every other ESC enters programming mode). My little unit just petulantly sits there until I bring the throttle to the idle position. Then it beeps, and allows the throttle to advance (again to the lower speed).

I've tried multiple battery packs, receivers, all to no avail. I do have a new ESC (I'm going to switch to LiPo's and a brushless motor soon), but I'd like to have this available.

Are all ESC's programmable?

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Brushless ESC are usually programmable; but I wouldn't expect the least-cost Brush ESC on the easystar to be very sophisticated. Any chance the ESC is getting hot at slow speeds?, Any parts obviously damaged. The chances are as good or better that you've fried the motor windings, creating a short, and thus a motor which runs slow while drawing tons of current. You can measure current; or test the motor by connecting it directly to a not-so-fresh battery - then run it through the esc - is it slower with the esc?.

etc ..
There are servo throws, and trims which could explain this behavior I might add.
It's not the trims. Today I tested the receiver with the new ESC and a brushless motor.
I also reset the transmitter back to factory zeros awhile ago (sorry for not mentioning that, as it is a potential pitfall).

I'm going to check the draws tomorrow. Gaining access to the motor is going to be a bit tricky. I tried endoscoping through the airvent the other day, but couldn't manage to get probes in as well. No obvious damage on the external exam.

If the ESC is not "reset-able", I'm going to figure out how to pull the motor, and install the upgraded brushless motor and ESC. Thankfully, it looks like this is just the place for that kind of information.

Thanks, bGatti
Pulled the motor (that was a bit of a jarring task).

Sure enough, it appears to have suffered a slight burnout.
Now I need to make a mount for my brushless rimfire. Running the wires is going to be fun, but at least I have endoscopic tools to do that with.

Thanks bGatti for the help. It made the decision process much quicker.

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