Just got a Panasonic Lumix (cheap re-furb on eBay) and impressed with the lens/picture quality.


Does anyone know of an electronic trigger for a Lumix that can run from an RC Rx output?




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Thanks Johann.


Yes I found the URBI site, but as you say, they don't support Panasonic.

So it's a servo then.




It's really a shame that those newer sophisticated and tiny Cams don't have a PTP remote control implementation inside. Even the Canon is not giving us that option on its current powershoot Cams.

We need to hack their cams to get a general PTP entry to remote controlling. The bigger problem is that you need to know what is the microprocessor used (to know the instructions) so, you need to put your hands on the firmware file, disassemble it, study it a LOT, add your code and test... and the best part: all that job need to be redone for each new model. :)

Hmmmmm... Yes.


Any volunteers then? :)

Call the people at Astec, they hack the Lumixs but I think there is beginning to be a bit of a migration towards the newer wide angle Canons which are easier to CHDK and USB control.


Otherwise just stick a servo over the shutter!

Otherwise just stick a servo over the shutter!

Yes I think that's what it will come to.

Having got this TZ7 re-furb one cheap on eBay, and been impressed with the picture quality, it would be a shame not to use it.

And servos are cheap enough...

Yes! I will create a special PTP command set, inside the ArduCam OSD code, to allow PTP commands even on newer Canon that don't have PTP by factory. More infos here. ;)

Oh that's a real shame Johann.


I think with this Lumix I will make a holder for it from some fairly dense foam I have, and then stick the servo to that.

That way the foam will take up any movement overshoot of the servo.

But... it's all a bit of a pain when a 'simple' usb connection would have done.

Maybe the future is Canon...

(I'm sure there must be an advert that says that).


Well, we should have a fully functional (OSD + Camera Control) next month. You know, the Camera control is OK. The OSD is working like a charm too. I'm just working on the character-set update witch is a bit tricky.
It will be PTP, just not the default command-set from canon. Probably, the ArduCam will just call a single command inside the CHDK PTP. That command will be sent with arguments that tells the Lua script how to drive the cam.

Wouldn't it be possible to solder on a wire to the trigger circuit under the trigger button and pass a current to it at a determined frequency? I mean isn't that what the trigger button actually does - when pressed doesn't it close the circuit so that some voltage can get through and activate the shutter? That's what I'm thinking of doing once I finish building my Raven RQ-11. 


If you do indeed try this, let me know how it goes!

Hmmm... did you supply the right voltage and for the right amount of time? 


I don't have any experience fixing cameras but I'm having trouble seeing how this wouldn't work.

How about an "old school" system, servo in the place of your thumb?



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