Just got a Panasonic Lumix (cheap re-furb on eBay) and impressed with the lens/picture quality.


Does anyone know of an electronic trigger for a Lumix that can run from an RC Rx output?




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Yes, Johann is exactly right.

The chips used in cameras are very low current, and very low voltage, which means nearly everything in there is high impedance.

Even the 'switch' inputs take anything less than about 50k as being 'on'. So even if you just go near them you can blow things up.

You have to ground yourself, the camera, your tools, everything, and even then you can blow things.


Just as an exercise, try taking a digital watch apart.

You will find there's no actual direct connection between the circuit board and the display. It's done with small 'vertical' carbon fibres - like a tightly packed brush or mat, and the components are just dropped together in the factory.


Soldering, like Johann says, is done with hot air.

(A bit like politicians - Oops sorry)


For my money, and with this camera, it will have to be a 'mechanical thumb'.



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