I'm considering buying a Predator from Verticalhobby but I don't really now what engine I should use. I'm not all that interesting in flying this by my self since it is supposed to be an autonomous vehicle in the future. I'm looking for something pretty affordable that still works good. 

So now I need an engine and an ESC along with a propeller and perhaps a V-tail mixer. 

I'm also looking for a cheap RX/TX that would work for take-off and landings and early setup. I guess I'm looking for a 6-Ch "package". 

It would be great if someone could guide me in this darkness! 

Magnus Blomberg

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Whos, going to start.... you might want to put the Predator back in its box and go out and get an Easystar or clone, much better choice to begin with. Predators work well at full size but not so good at RC size.

If you have not flown RC before, please go and find some local flyers and see what they get up to and invest in a flight sim.

Should you go with the Predator the motor requirements are on the site

DualSky XM3536CA-8T 220/350 W

DualSky 40 A ESC

APC Thin E PROP 12x6.0

2200 mAh 28C 3s1p 11,1 v

Good luck
Seriously, Gary's right. Unless you've a very good RC pilot, you're going to crash that Predator (it's a bear to fly) the first time out. That will be a very expensive and disappointing lesson. Start with something more gentle and forgiving, like an EasyStar or Hawksky.
I guess you are very right but the EasyStar and other starters don't look like something I would attach my camera to in the future. But I guess I'll probably have to do this in steps.
Thanks for the help and hopefully you got me on the right track :)
If you think it would be easier to put a camera in that chinese Predator than an EasyStar, you are sadly mistaken.
Everyone seems to automatically go for the "sexy" Predator, but thats not suitable.

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