Hi all,

I want to use the new capabilities (thenks Jani) of the JD-IOboard to transmit the telemetry to my Flysky er9x firmware through the DJT-D8R-II plus combo.

Therefore, I'll update the firmware to the er9x frsky. Furthermore, I want to become the info displayed on the standard screen. Here.

Question: Does someone knows if all the info transmitted can be displayed? In other words, Does someone knows, how many screens has the er9X-Frsky firmware for display the telemetry data?

Thanks in advance,


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Thank you. I had no idea about these options. They are very interesting.

Thank you Bill!

I am increasingly glad I bought a 9X. Its potential increases continuously!



Do you have this working with the GPS coords (or any other for that matter) I cannot seem to get reliable data from the ArduinoPro. 

 in this post Jan seems to have fixed it. I've PM'd him about the fix, but no reply as of yet. 

If i get some time I can fix it myself, but I'm looking for a quick option ;-D

You need a level shifter between the Arduino Pro Mini and the D8R-XP receiver right?

I think thats what you are saying here, but the question seems to be asked in other areas and this answer shows up in a different post hahaha

This seems to be an answer for the transmitter, not the receiver side..

What if you have a 3.3v Arduino Pro Mini, I wonder if you can pull the voltage from the xBees 3.3v pin?

Hi all,

I am new here on the DIY forum and loving al the information i can find over here.

But enough about that :)


I have a slight problem

I am using a er9x transmitter with FRSky module, modded my er9x succesfully and al works well.


Recently i've made the jump from Naze32 to AMP 2.5.

For FrSky to work i bought a IOBoard and connected it al together.

Unfortunately i have some trouble getting the information from the AMP to my er9x.

It stops blinking so the transmitter is reveiving data from the IOboard and when i disconnect the ioboard the er9x display' starts blinking again.


my er9x works fine becouse i use it on my Naze32 quad with telemetry so it must be something in the IOBoard.


i flashed the IOBoard with the FRsky firmware

I've tried switching the TX and RX cable (incase i got it wrong)

here you find a picture of the setup


Hope someone can give me some advise

It's working.


Looks like it's only giving al the info like alt, temp when the GPS has a fix :S


need to take a closer look at that.

really want Battery Power to show up there too using the AMP but for the time being i'll use the voltage sensor from frsky





You know of my er9x firmware autopilot?

9 screens on er9x.


Hi Earl


No i believe i don't

I'll search the form for er9x firmware autopilot

I guess this one has extra autopilot features?




Hi Thijs!

I opened this thread but unfortunately I have not found the time to implement the modifications, so my opinion is purely theoretical and I can not share my experience.

Having said that, I think there are several sources of conflict. IOboard's fimware isn´t 100% fit.


In the oder hand, I would try with Open9X, rather than with er9X. The Open9X has some more screens specifically dedicated to telemetry data.

Good luck!


Hi Anderl,

Thx for the Info i'll read that page :)


besides the Telemetry data (which is very importand :) ) what are other changes between er9x and Open9x?

I'll guess i will upload the Open9X firmware to my transmitter tonight wheb i got home from work :)


edit: just found a Open9x er9x comparison

Just more info to read :) 



Sure! Not afraid to try new things. That's the DIY way. :-)

Take a look at this,


and I recommend to review in depth the IOboard thread.




i'll post my findings :)

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