I get an error message "upload wps failed Waypoint_Mav_Mission_E-something-something"

everything beyond the E is truncated. Using APM flight controller and APM 2.6 mission planner. I basically can't fly waypoint missions at the moment because I can't upload the flight plan

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Did you find a solution to this? We have exactly the same problem.

APM 2.6

Firmware 3.03

Mission Planner 1.3.5

"upload wps failed WAYPOINT MAV_MISSION_ERROR"

The tlog shows that after MSG 27 (hex) MISSION_ITEM you get a failed AF (MISSION_ACK).

Hi Robert,

This is verry similar to what I am getting. I am using the same confguration. Have you had any luck in solving this problem?



can someone post the mission file and what firmware they are using?


Sorry for the late reply!

Please see attached the mission plan.

after several retrries it writes ... if I am lucky.

I am using APM 2.6, AP3.2, 3dr telemetry on 434Mhz with ECC is disabled, MP 1.3.17

the second issue I am getting is with the log download:

after getting/counting  all Bytes counting just restarts and no log flie is dumped on my HD.

The workaround of loading AP3.0.3 downloading the log over USB and reloading AP3.2 is pretty long and cumbersome.

I quit my day-job and devoted 24/7 to this so if I am not out testing/ flying I can provide you with any info you need.


I am also running APM 2.6 on a 3DR  Y6, with whatever firmware gets automatically updated.  I have noticed that when I read back the waypoint files that I have written to the APM from Mission Planner, the number of waypoints that gets written is almost random.  Today the Y6 seemed very confused.  All it had to do was fly to half a dozen waypoints, pause at each for five seconds, then fly home.  It had a hard time doing that.

I'm having a similar problem (APM2.6). I can write waypoints fine from my desktop computer and my old laptop, but a new laptop I bought just won't do it. I can connect, see live telemetry data, read WPs, just not write them to the APM.

i got same problem, and i find that problem is that i dont have set HOME POSITION :D so if some one will fix it by this, he can knock on hims head like i did :D

I am facing an exactly similar problem ..
I am unable to write waypoint file on my board
Please help if you were able to tackle this issue
I am using APM 2.8

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