I have checked every debugging item and all are correct/fixed.  I am using a PC with Windows 7 and I get the following error when loading the code:


avrdude: ser_send(): write error: sorry no info avail


Any ideas?

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Never seen that one. Sounds like a messed up Arduino installation.

Can you post a screenshot of your Windows Device Manager with the FTDI cable shown as a COM port?


Did you end up finding a solution to this error as I am getting it as well?




Hi Chris,

Here is a screen shot of my windows device manager showing the FTDI cable as a COM port. 

My configuration is Windows 7, Arduino 0027, Ardupilot 2.7.1.


Screen shot:


Screen shot of the Arduino error:


I have successfully loaded and flown Ardupilot 2.4 a few months ago and wish to upgrade to 2.7.


Have you got any other ideas as to what I can try as I have run through all the debug stuff I can find on this site.


Thanks for your help.



I'm facing ssame problem rigth now. Seems like software issue on my desktop computer.Working well on laptop...

if it's telling you a 30720 byte maximum, you have the wrong board selected in Arduino.

Also note that this is an incredibly old thread that dates back to a very old ardupilot. It probably doesn't apply to your hardware...

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