Hi everyone, I just flew my new quad today quite successfully, however, the CG is off and it doesn't have proper landing gear so when I set down it tilted and one of the rotors got caught in the grass while trying to spin.

I throttled down as fast as I could, but it the ESC has burnt out. The motor no longer responds, and it doesn't seem to initialize when I turn the APM on (no beeps at all).

On my other quad, my tri and all the other aircrafts I've flown I have never experienced this happening.

What caused it and how can I avoid it in the future??

Using all DIYDrones store equipment. 880kV motors, 20A ESC's.


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Alex I had the same thing happen when I had to land in a wheat feild.  When that grass catches it, there is a extreme amount of current, and for that split second is all it would take to burn it out.  To check the ESC hook it up to its own battery and plug directly into the reciever.  If you don't get the beeps then I am sure its done.  I am not sure what the rating is on your ESC but thats alot of current when it gets caught in the grass.

So, after looking through the manual for my motors motors (880 kV) I found out that they are rated for 40A speed controllers.

Even the 850 kV motors are rated for 30A.

Why would the DIYDrones store sell these with 20A ESC's then??

They literally sell these as a kit...

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