Hi everyone,

I recently got to know Phenox and it looks to me like it includes the ESC on-board (this M452 V343 *U68 IC). Check the following picture:

I can't find information about this component. Does anybody know if such a thing as ESC in a chip exists?

Thanks in advance!

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Yes it's definitely possible, the mini quads, including the walkera ladybird and hubsan x4, both have single boards, with on board 'esc chips', and the whole board is cheap to replace.

I think the reason that larger quads tend to have separate components is the cost of the components increases rapidly, and the failure of one single esc would ruin your whole (expensive) FC.

Plus as things scale up you generate more heat, so in my high power setups I pretty much have to have the esc with heatsink exposed right in the centre of the radius of my prop wash, otherwise.... failure, and sometimes fire.

I must have burned 50 escs whilst experimenting with high power setups, but never burnt a flight controller, or made useless the whole electronics in one shot.

Oh and if you take the shrink wrap off any esc you will see that it's just a pcb populated with a chip or two, mosfets, caps etc, so you could in theory build a board all with built in escs, but you'd have to write the software too...


Hey Dave,

Thanks for the nice answer. Indeed it's possible to include the ESC in a single board (I've been thinking for a while to give it a try to the AfroESC using SimonK firmware in my robot Erle).

Guess the ICs in the figure that I point out are just transistors.


Here you go: This is a 4-in-1 ESC that works happily on my Hoverthings Pro Flip w. gimballed GoPro (Pixhawk, 2216 T-motors, 3S). Costs about $40-50. Doesn't even get really warm, that's a nice chunk of Aluminum heat-sink covering it. Nice supple wire too. Also comes in a 20 amp version. 


is it aluminium frame(what number of alloy if...)...weight?link?did u do it yourself?

IC you mentioned look like common fast optocoupler


Actual ESC mosfets might be on other side of board.

Emin, here is where I bought mine, there are probably other sources.


And here's the maker, in China:


Sorry Oliver,u got me wrong...I know quattro esc ..I was asking for your Frame....

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