Dear all

I was wondering if you can expand the logs to record more data at once, without producing errors.

I have enlarged the CTUN logs by simply adding more DataFlash.WriteInt(%variable%); to the Log_Write_Control_Tuning()  function and increasing the number in the Log_Read_Control_Tuning() function. I am saving arround 20 to 30 variables to the original 9 variables. See attached file.

This worked very well for a long while (from March till end of April), without errors. When I uploaded some now code of my own (i am writing obstacle avoidance for indoor flight), the logs began to give errornous results. They give negative log numbers and i am not able to download logs or to record new ones. This was similar to . However i started to work on the 2.9.1 arducopter code and added my own code. The problems started to occur on monday 6/05/2013.

What i changed in my code was not related to the logs: i did implement more calculations.

This is what changed before and after the new code:

before              after

RAM 900    ->   830   :     does the datalog consume more than 830 bytes of RAM when writing?

APM mission planner update to 1.2.48     :   can it be a Mission planner bug???

Can some1 plz help my out?

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Keep in mind you are using a 8 bit processor and logging is secondary function.

That is right, but i am working on a project to implement obstacle avoidance. So logging the data of my control signals is necessary. The developpers of arducopter also need some kind of idea how all the variables are changing when they develop new code. Or am i mistaking and is it all the code right from the first time :P

I was wondering if anyone encountered the same problems so i can at least know what i did wrong: to much data logging at the same time? Or a problem with expanding the logging code? Or something else? Is data logging requiring much RAM, maybe i encountered a limit there?

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