I've been pondering the problem of expanding the number of channels for the UAVDev Board. I think it is possible to have eight input (radio) channels, four output (servo) channels, an altitude (pressure) sensor and an airspeed (pressure) sensor without any modifications to the board. It would require some code changes but I don't think they are difficult.

Would it be necessary to add these items? The board would plug on top of the existing headers and would be about half as big as the existing UAVDev board. Is there any interest?

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I was making a joke when I said:

"I think what you are doing is waiting for me to finish the firmware to your satisfaction."


I think your plan is a good one.

The only input that I have is that you should definitely learn to fly manually before doing any UAV development test flights of your own. The EasyStar is a good way to get started. You could use your UAV DevBoard in the EasyStar, running MatrixNav, to make it even easier to fly, and to provide a return to launch function.

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What format are the files in? I was not able to open them as either JPEG for PDF.
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The files are Eagle format, just like the UAVDev board. The free version of Eagle will open them fine.

Hi Mike,

Thank you very much. Comments from yourself and others makes it all worthwhile.

Actually, I consider the work that I am doing to be playing....where play is defined to be doing whatever you feel like doing, not what someone tells you what to do. I am having so much fun.

It feels like when I was a kid, when my friends and I did what we liked. We often built things like soap-box race cars and model airplanes. Its very much like that again for me, except now there are more friends, and they are all over the world, and the things we are building are much more interesting.

Best regards,
Hi Belli,

I will take a look at your files when I have a chance. Right now I am writing up the documentation for the next versions of MatrixNav and AileronAssist, that now have altitude-hold, and will be released as soon as I finish the documentation.

Best regards,
Latest files are uploaded, please offer your comments.

Has anyone tried this board? I would really like to have the extra analog inputs on the devboard

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