Hi all.

I have a fly away problem in loiter, AC 3.0.1, and I've seen that there is a misleading issue with my external compass HMC5883 (3dr robotics). The arrow silkscreened shows an incorrect direction.

I don't know if that corrects my fly away problem, but the true is that I have compass_orient parameter = 0 (not correct).

I will test tomorrow.

Please, advise at wiki.

This is APM 2.5 (see compass IC code and arrow)

This is the external mag (y arrow and IC text):

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Even earlier APM 2.0 shows that mistake.

Now I have a perfect loiter.

But how, i mean the external compass comes with an arrow on the enclosure showing which way is forward.

My arrow is pointed to the front of the craft

Im sorry im a little confused and would love it if someone could clear this up for me. Is the arrow on the enclosure the wrong way round on external GPS/Compass? Couse i just opened mine and it looks nothing like that in the pictures.

I am getting extreme circling action when entering loiter mode.



Check out your magnetometer integrated circuit text (L883). Well, the "L" is the tip of the arrow and "3" back.

another one with wrong dir.

See the datasheet:


ok excuse my ignorance, but i just can put it togeather lol. If i put my X and Y axis as per the obove photo, my gps/compass must be upside down.

A photo

im sorry

In this model you have to follow the big arrow.

check out the wiki: http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common-installing-3dr-ublox-gps-co...

But if you have APM 2.5 or 2.0 you must to cut a wire (track) in the APM

Thanks but i have APM 2.6 with arrow forward and still have huge GPS issues

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