I’m trying to build a helicopter which can be operated under extreme environmental conditions (high humidity and light rain). For this reason I’d like to protect the autopilot in a watertight box. Of course this is a problem for the internal barometer. So my question are there external barometers available for PIXHAWK? Rainproof would be perfect?

I am grateful for any information!


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Hmm, sounds interesting.

Could one use the "normal" pitot tube sensor as an external barometer outside of the box? ...as it has two little barometers, one as static and the other for the dynamic pressure.

Just an idea.


A mechanical solution may be simpler .... if your waterproof container is not rigid, the internal pressure will stay the same as  outside.   On a rigid container, you can drill a hole and glue on a loose piece of rubber  balloon to achieve the same effect... I've done that successfully in the past, but eventually your balloon will perish.  

Or maybe a ventilation tube from the top of the container with the open end a few centimetres below it would be enough for you.



I have a similar problem.  Did you manage to sort out a solution to disabling the on board barometers and reading an external?

Thanks Thomas. Modifying Arduxxxx will likely be where I have the most trouble, but I’m looking into what you sent and will report back with results.
Thanks again Thomas! I’ll let you know how things work out.
@Thomas: I liked your original response better. ;)

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