Hi Jason!


Would it be possible to have a modified altitude hold mode, but with the capability of changing altitude?

Bear with me ;)


Lets say the copter is on the ground and the throttle is at 0%. We select alt_hold2.

Increase the throttle to 50%. The copter starts up but doesnt take off.


We increase the throttle to say 70%. The copter takes off slowly then starts to climb.

We reduce throttle to 50%. It then holds the alttitude its at.

We reduce the throttle to 30% and it decends.

We again go back to 50% and it holds that altitude.


I tried to explain it as simply as I could to avoid confusion. Mainly my own ;)


I guess the summary would be an altitude hold mode that we can change manually change the altitude using the throttle.


0-40% throttle - copter decends

40-60% throttle - copter maintains altitude

60-100% throttle - copter climbs.


Settings for the mode could be the ability to change the above figures and the rate at which the copter climbs or descends.


What do you think?



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Perhaps another channel would be better? I am careful not to movey throttle while in ALT_HOLD so i dont accidently drop like a stone when i disengage. I like the idea though.

I have an issue with transitions from one mode to another, especially from Loiter to Stabilize, if the throttle is at bottom the motors shuts done, and the copter falls out of the sky, wouldn't it be better to have a smooth transition from existing throttle needed to maintain altitude to the desired throttle indicated by the stick, so that you avoid such abrupt changes. I am sure this might be a problem for other mode-transitions too,

@Aaron: I totally agree with you! I have had a few "almost" after bumping the throttle to 0 while in alt hold mode!


@Geir: I wonder if the THR_FAILSAFE could be of use:

We had that at one time. It caused nothing but trouble! We had a bunch of people complaining they couldn't shut their motors down fast enough if something went wrong. It's also very messy and hard to maintain in the code. after going through that experience, I've decided Manual is manual. They is not grey area in between.


Hi Jason,


Was your post in reply to my original post or Geir Engebakken post???

My original post doesnt involve mixing of modes, it would be a totally seperate mode.

Kinda like the ability to nudge the copter while in loiter...

It would be pretty much the same except it would be doing it with altitude instead of location and each time you brought the stick back to centre it would save and maintain that altitude.


Thanks :)

I thought that you could adjust altitude in Alt_Hold.  At least, that's what the wiki says:



In altitude hold and neutral position while the throttle is around 50% using stablilize mode. When switching to altitude hold it is the same or should be close. The null point before gaining altitude or lowering are determined by calibration and soft design. It shoud be close to half throttle.

In normal altitude hold mode, the altitude cannot be changed using the throttle...

hi Gareth is not tru you need to put your stick at full throttle to Go up and to zero throttle to go down but is not good as vario mode in mikrokopter x example we can do better:-)

I run 2.0.49 and I can adjust height in alt.hold mode using throttle stick. The only problem is that I have to give 100% throttle to activate this, and it's very violent behaviour. There is no in between, just full power upwards.


Altitude Hold has been largely reworked for next version and should be smoother.

I tried changing the altitude by pushing the throttle to max and min. It worked! Thanks :)

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