Extract measured value from onboard KK 2.0 flight control unit

Hi. My name is marco, i am new here.

I have just joined in as i hope to find the answer to what i could not find after an extensive research on the internet.

My question is: is there any chance i can connect an arduino (uno or micro) to a kk 2.0 flight control unit (hobby king) to extract read in and process some values measured by the flight control unit?

The values i am intersted in are namely:
1. acceleration for each of the 3 axes,
2. Pitch and roll angle
3. Possibly battery level (not as badly as i would need number 1 and 2)

These data would then be read in by an arduino board (of the size of a finger nail), processed, and used to control throttle input sent to the motors. With the help of a barometer, which i already got to working properly, i want to implement a sort of altitude hld mode. To improve data (reactivity, latency and augmented accuracy) I intend to combine pressure readings and vertical accelerations.

Any help, input or comment is greatly appreciated.
Thank you
Kind regards

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Yes you can use your arduino board in your flight. Also you can connect the mentioned components with the Arduino board and also measure their value. Also if you are looking for the barometer, then must go for it. It will increase your efficiency.

Hi ItchAdair, 

thank you for your message. 

Now my question is: HOW do I do that? Can you or anybody here in this forum be specific with the wiring? 

Thank you. 


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