Hi Guys,  first off,

This pertains to those with the knowledge of FAA 333 exemption Petitions using
3DR  products.


I’m  currently developing UAV operating manuals using;

- Finwing Penguin  fixed wing 

- with Pixhawk Autopilot.


I’m not sure about to what level of details I need to offer to FAA regarding Pixhawk.

the User manual has too much technical details FAA may not need to know.


I’d appreciate inputs on;
“ your UAV platform and How mush you described to FAA about  Pixhawk  specifications and functions. “



Galaxy UAV

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  I started the process for this and can qualify but all of the Bologna they put you through is not worth the hassle. I will wait until they make a final ruling and go from there. I am assuming you have read what you have to do in order to fly under 333? For one call the local FSDO and give them all the applicable information etc etc.. I am a commercial lisc pilot and have dealt with the FAA many times seems to me the only reason getting legal permission now is to beat others out there. Other than that from reading the proposed rules it seems to me that the 333 boys are at a disadvantage when that is made golden. 

Bryan -

Go through the already approved requests and look through them. That should tell you how much info they want on Pixhawk - there are at least a few exemptions for aircraft using them.

By this point the FAA is already familiar with most of the autopilots - they will be more interested in your airframe. Again your best bet is to hit FAA.gov and look through the accepted proposals, should give you some good insights on exactly what you need.

Here's a link to FAA granted exemptions: https://www.faa.gov/uas/legislative_programs/section_333/333_author...

Click on "View PDF" in the right column to see the application and grant language.

Section 333 exemptions will go away when Pt 107 is finalized & effective. 

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