Hello everyone!

Well I hope that everyone out there is as happy as I am. I am working on the team in Alaska to manage the Test site here. I am happy that the FAA is trying to get UAV's in the commercial airspace. I just think that 2015 is too far off! But I don't want Mr. Joe the next door neighbor to take off near an airport and hit an airplane so for now the test site will do. I hope that I get to work with great people and this test site in the future. 

Michael Cook 

UAV operator Shadow 200

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I'm based in Hawaii, doing UAV work here. Perhaps we will get a chance to work together in the future.

How much is the test site charging for non military certified aircraft sub 55lbs to test?

I'm going to be starting work in North Dakota in the near future!  Exciting Times people!

Yeah they are saying that I will get to go to Hawaii. But if I had a job there that would be great. Hope to get to meet ya! I'll let you know if I am in Hawaii and we could go fly together.



They are still writing all the rules and what now so charging for use I don't know just yet. I will give you an idea when I hear something



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