i am a little bit confused because failsave settings.

i use pwm failsave on ch3 throttle. now, if i have a connected missionplanner groundstation everything works as expected. switching off my transmitter enabled receiver failsave and set throttle pwm to 1000. this trigger apm failsave and rtl is set. missionplanner hud says throttle failsave and RTL.

if i am connected to droidplanner switching off the tranmitter caused disarmed on my droidplanner hud. also mode stays on last mode for example stabeliced. not showing rtl here.

i am very unsure if apm do failsafe correctly if i am not connected to missinplanner. so i do not will test this in real flight situation.

any suggestions?





i use arducopter firmware 3.1


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simplify my question. does throttle(channel 3) fail-save will work, if misssionplanner is not connected to apm?

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