Hi guys, 
I'm very new to all this so i apologize in advance if my questions are a little elementary., 
I'm investigating the possibilities of buying or constructing a drone to help my father monitor his farm. I got in touch with a few companies who offer drones ,marketed for agricultural use and was quoted a price of around 20.000euro. ,After recovering from my fit of laughter at the thought of companies thinking farmers have 20k lying around in this economy i decided to try build my own. 
The idea is to have a copter style ,UAV that can navigate around our farmland and give us real time footage of what it see's. We have both animals and crops spread out , , , 
Over a very large area of land, so the flight time would have to be as long as possible. 20-30 minutes if that is realistically possible. 
,My idea was to mount a high resolution IP camera on the drone and the extra batteries to power it so i would estimate the payload to be around 2 kg. The ability for it to fly autonomously around a specified route and the ability to switch to manual control would be ideal. 
My questions to you guys are as follows. 
Is there any Kit or model out there that would fit my requirements at a reasonable price? Around 20-30 minutes flight time with a 2 kg payload., 
Is it possible to have the IP camera video and controls for the device on a tablet? 
Is 20.000 to 45.000 euro extremely over priced for a copter style UAV or is this a fair amount of money for a company to charge? 
If anybody makes or sell's a device which could achieve these goals then do not hesitate to get in touch. I'm open to the idea of having someone build the device for me as I'm no engineer and i could not live with myself if my device fell from the sky and took out a horse.

Thanks in advance


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Hi Al,

I see this project as a way to make my father's life easier and if that takes a month, 6 months or even a year then so be it. Spending time learning a new skill with my father is priceless and with the possibility of making his life easier on top of that.

Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. If i do go ahead with the project i will document it and post it up on this forum.


Welcome to the community! You have indeed an interesting project.

As many have said: getting used to the RC world is essential if you don't want to experience loss or destruction of your investment.

Check what others have done with different methods: most get quite interesting results with photography. 

Some are playing with FPV + photo ....

Some even investigate Near InfraRed technology (way cheaper than infrared cameras) which I believe could be of some benefit to you since there is a definite temperature difference with living animals.....

As soon as you want to 'delegate' RC skills to the builder/seller of the appliance, it gets quite expensive because of the R&D work to make things 'foolproof'.

Hope this helps

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