Using a new Fatshark 5.8 with my 2.4Ghz Futaba controller. I hear folks complaining about 150m outages but I can't get much more than 10m. If I setup the camera without my quad simply turning around goes to static. WTF? Is there a special channel that works best with 2.4? I purchased the cloverleaf antennae, etc. and they are no better than the stock. What am I doing wrong or is this a huge waste of 500 bucks? Very frustrated with this purchase!

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200mw 5.8Ghz from range video using clover leafs, good out to 1+ mile.

I suspect you have a bad connection somewhere.

Here in the UK we have big problems with this stuff. 900 & 1.2mhz is a mobile phone frequency in the uk so a big no no. 2.4 no good for obvious reasons, 5.8 the only legally allowed usage but get this.........maximum 10mw!!!!!

So pretty much every fpver in the uk, inlcuding me is breaking the law. I use 5.8 200mw using cloverleaf on the tx & a eagletree diverisity running 2 x receivers with cloverleaf & a small patch antenna. This gets me a comfartable 1m range as long as nothing is obstructing. You can now get higher power tx's and this coupled with a tracking patch is about the best your gonna get with 5.8ghz.

As mentioned 5.8 isn't that good really and it doesn't like obstructions big time.

Wouldn't make that much difference. A lot poeple are going over to 2 x cloverleaf instead now.

All of these videos are shot with 5.8ghz 600mw and Fat-shark predator goggles. Range is fine once you understand how to setup and how radio freq work placement on your vehicle is key to getting the best range. having ham radio license is key and some basic knowledge of how radio freq work.

5.8ghz 600mw Quad flying videos

You obviously have no idea what your doing. please rather than complain learn. go read on the net or even get your ham radio license so you understand how it all works. building a drone is not something you do without prior knowledge or research.

*big tip if you ever power the video tx or rx with no antennas attached you can blow them and the range will never be good again this sounds like what you did to me*

My Channel with walk though of this quad setup

No complaints, this has long been fixed with 600mw, posted this in July and need to take it down I guess but thought the replies could help others and keep them from going down the 100mw road that I did. Not rocket science and I do have an idea of what I'm doing. Appreciate you assuming the opposite. New stuff works well but I'm up outside of Aspen CO and it's 18 outside and deep snow. We'll have to wait for some warmer days.

Aspen: I LOLed. Good response! :)

Bluskyone: I'm sure you are trying to help and after all you took the time to write the response which is mostly correct and all, but the tone was pretty rude. Aspen has a point. 

I have also had similar problems, brand new FatShark 100mW 5.8 Ghz only works 25 meters. Even with better antennas, and now clovers. In retrospect I did everything right, still did not work.

Also switched to 500mW system and all is now well.

If you research everything until you know exactly what you are doing, you will never get it done.

I'd say its 50% research and 50% trial/error/experience/learning by doing. Also, thats the fun bit. :)

Be well!

/Magnus, Sweden

All good if I offended someone please accept my deepest apologizes.


PS: maybe its my new Fatshark Attitude goggles influencing me!

Ok... here is my problem...and this could be reason..

I have had the Doms and the early 5.8 Fatshark internal receiver .. I was very careful about not turning on the transmitters with no antenna...but was not aware you could not turn on the receiver without one it would cause damage...and range would diminish.

I have several 25 mw airwave modules and one 100 mw module. All last year I had the modules on a pod on my Slow Stick and the 100 mw worked fine out to about a KM...took many vids on youtube this way...and I even got about 250 meter with the 25 mw ones. I was a happy camper because I always flew within LOS.

Now this year, I have yet to get a good fpv flight. I was getting >maybe< 300' max on the 100 mw...and not even 150 feet on the 25 mw. I would get clear vision up to a couple hundred feet , then go completely snow in only 100' more.

I was using a clover on the tx and a skew planar or a 3.5 turn helix on the ground.  ...and always the internal 5.8 Fatshark receiver.

I built new clovers and SP to make sure that was not the reason...and I can tell a difference when using the 3.5 helix over the SP on the ground...but not anywhere near the original range.

as stated, I have had receiver on many times while unscrewing and changing antennas on the goggles...with power on...but never on the transmitter.

Bottom line...I now only get a few hundred feet...and all goes south fast... Please you think I have destroyed the FS reciever module?...I am at the point of ohming the rp sma plugs to see if there is a resistance there....whole thing acts just like I screwed in some sort a large attenuator.

I've also heard that the FS receiver (earlier one) was not near as sensitive...resulting on lower compared to the new ones....or other outboard receivers. I also got great results from a 500 mw 2.4 rig ...also using either the FS 2.4 internal or a FFoxtech external 2.4 g receiver....also using SP wheel and clovers..

Only problem I had with that was the 2.4 transmitters walking around on the ground around me causing Venetian blind effect in the goggles.

I think this guy has a valid reason for being upset. I'm not new to fpv and know how 5.8ghz works! I have been running my drone with an immersion 600mW Tx for a long while and get great distance, over 1km hardly any static only a touch when I turn. I just had a pair of fat shark attitudes arrive and it will only get a snowy vague picture I can't make out and that's standing right next to it. The supplied Tx worked but had very poor range. Immersion and fat shark now aren't they supposed to work together just fine?

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