Arduplane has a myriad of flight modes to choose from. Currently we have the ability to set 6 modes ups and choose between them by using two switches and a mix when using an RC TX. The idea is to set up a predetermined list of flight modes, and cycle through them using just one two position toggle switch.


It would work like this:


A user would set up a list of modes they would like to cycle between












They would then flip the toggle switch to cycle through the list in the order defined. This would be optional, and the user could make the list as long or short as desired.

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That's not really my cup of tea (too easy to get lost in the list, slow to jump between non-adjacent modes) but both this and your other feature request could be accomplished with a ground station and a little scripting.

Interesting idea - but how would you know the current mode without feedback from the GCS?  If you have a GCS (like Andropilot or other) you can just select the mode you want without the six way switch (either from the menu or the buttons that float on the bottom of the screen).

This is more of an FPV based feature request. If you didn't have a ground station, or an OSD you would probably set up your list with the options you wanted and start from mode 1 always. It is pretty easy to tell what mode you are in by how the aircraft is acting. This would be more for longer missions and guys using an OSD. That is why it would be an option that could be setup in the planner.



I understand that it would not be everyone's cup of tea, but that is why it would be optional, and customizable as far as the list goes.

There would have to be a short delay when using this feature so the plane doesn't react to each mode as you flip through the menu. Maybe 3 secs or so would allow you to flip through at a comfortable pace. This is clearly an FPV request, an area that needs more development. Cruise was a great addition for the FPV guys.

This would work really well for a knob instead of a switch. A lot of TXs have knobs and sliders you could mark the positions. 

You might look at this push button setup. I've used it for a while now and it works great. It's at RCGroups too.


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