We're moving to a new documentation platform and this is your opportunity to give us feedback and help. There has been a huge amount of work going on behind the scenes on these over the past three months, including the 30 volunteers working within the Documentation User Group. It's now time to include the full community.

You can see a glimpse of the team's work in the betas of the new ArduPlaneArduCopter and ArduRover sites. Click on the "Instructions" tab to see what the new manuals will look like. 

Right now most of the work has been in creating new graphics and design elements to make the manuals easier to read and use, with some work on simplifying and updating the content. But because they're based on a Wiki-plugin for WordPress, it's also a much more powerful and flexible collaboration environment than the current Google Code wiki for community participation, and we can now take this opportunity to update and improve every page of the manual. 

Just a reminder that these sites are still in beta, and we won't be steering users to them until the documentation team has had an opportunity to scrub every page. We'll continue to maintain the Google Code wikis for legacy purposes, but the new sites are designed to reflect the model we'll be moving to in the future. 

Please give us feedback in this thread. If you'd like to participate, please join the Documentation User Group linked above. 

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John C and I exchanged several Emails and screen shots last night and John found the problem and fixed it.

I now have edit access and will start getting some PX4 info ready for the New Wiki.

Thank you very much John and also Joshua Ott for helping me get through this.

Hi John, I will be happy to move it up to the new sites.

And I agree on all counts.

Will fix the error prone comment, not really quite what I was trying to say anyway.

And I will go through the text completely.

A lot of the stuff in the second half was left over from multiple previous editors and needs to be condensed and tidied up.

The number of times thing was one of those, time for it to go.

And on item 3 I do know what the original author meant, but I figure I'm in a small minority.

I'll try to come up with a few tasteful illustrations as well.

With all the boring safety warnings on everything these days people tend to ignore them completely.

With the instant slice and dice capability of our brushless motor powered ultra sharp carbon fiber "Ginsu" propellered aerial vehicles, not only do we need to stress it, we need to make it less of a pain to read about it.

Have Revamped the text in the Safety Wiki Section quite a bit and added Roberts "throwing in the towel" tip.

So, check it out and see what you think Here: https://code.google.com/p/arducopter/wiki/AC2_Safety

Still needs a bit of editing and some illustrations, but I think at least most of what needs to be in there is in there.

Any thoughts or considerations appreciated.

I like the new format. I'm hoping that this could be put into a PDF format so I can take it to the field with me. Some of the places I go to fly don't have Internet access.

Michael W,

That's a great suggestion.

Looks really good to me Gary.  There's some capitalization (Unexpected, Uncommon, Carbon Fiber) stuff and this is an awkward sentence.....

Fly far from others and maintain a (Safe Distance) from the copter yourself.

How about:

Be sure to maintain a safe distances between yourself, any spectators and the copter.

I would replace this phrase, "Phantom Startups are not uncommon" with "Propellers may start unexpectedly"

Every item on there is valuable.  I really appreciate the effort.


I think the standard aviation term. Always treat propellers as live needs to go in there somewhere.

I wish to volunteer to improving the documentation and give back to the community... Can I get access?

I like the new layout - but the navigation is unusable on a tablet. 

I can get the first sub-menu to pop up (for example when I click "Instructions") - but because there's no concept of "mouse over" on a tablet device, the second level sub-menu doesn't appear when I click on "APM:Copter Stetup".

Rendering appears to be correct, but the menus needs to fold out based on a click event as well as on the current mouse hover.

I have a 3G tablet that I use a lot both in the field as well as a second screen for documentation when I'm working in the Mission Planner at home.


  • Latest available Chrome on Android 4.1.2 - both tablet and phone - does not work.
  • Stock Android browser on Android 4.1.2 - both tablet and phone - does not work.
  • Latest Chrome on Windows 8 - works as expected.
  • Tablet: Galaxy Tab 10.1
  • Phone: Galaxy Note II

If you have any questions - or if you want someone to test a fix - please let me know.

In terms of usability the removal of of the navigation plane on the left is a huge loss. 

Guess nobody got that one? ;)

Another thing I do... I was flying in the neighbourhood last weekend, when a family came strolling by.  They stopped to watch.  They were standing at a generally safe distance, over 100 feet back, but I moved myself to put myself between them and the copter.  It seems like the responsible thing to do.  I never allow anybody to get between myself and the copter, especially kids.  

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