We're moving to a new documentation platform and this is your opportunity to give us feedback and help. There has been a huge amount of work going on behind the scenes on these over the past three months, including the 30 volunteers working within the Documentation User Group. It's now time to include the full community.

You can see a glimpse of the team's work in the betas of the new ArduPlaneArduCopter and ArduRover sites. Click on the "Instructions" tab to see what the new manuals will look like. 

Right now most of the work has been in creating new graphics and design elements to make the manuals easier to read and use, with some work on simplifying and updating the content. But because they're based on a Wiki-plugin for WordPress, it's also a much more powerful and flexible collaboration environment than the current Google Code wiki for community participation, and we can now take this opportunity to update and improve every page of the manual. 

Just a reminder that these sites are still in beta, and we won't be steering users to them until the documentation team has had an opportunity to scrub every page. We'll continue to maintain the Google Code wikis for legacy purposes, but the new sites are designed to reflect the model we'll be moving to in the future. 

Please give us feedback in this thread. If you'd like to participate, please join the Documentation User Group linked above. 

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That page looks to be a raw migration from the old wiki, definitely not edited yet.

The old wiki will be around , BTW.

Help me understand how making a project fork would require old revisions of the wiki. All the changes in the 2.0 rewrite are basically just fixing typos/errors and general streamlining of the copy.

I'm not a computer guy at all. Mechanical engineering and English are my native tongues.

Josh..it's looking good.  Being quite new to quads (and yet having been around for MANY years) my first build and flights are still quite fresh in my mind.

A suggestion on content at the end of Configuration:  I was anxious to get in the air once I finished the configuration step and wanted to see how (if) it would actually fly. Given that most of us are the same I would suggest a BIG note at the end of configuration to go read the Flying and Safety sections before heading outside to fire it up. 

I first thought about changing the order of sections but in the end I believe a big note will better than changing the order.

As always thanks for all the hard work.


Flying needs to be the last step for sure (of course some final tuning will happen after getting a feel for the flight behavior). 

Test stand tuning is the smart choice. If anybody cares to share their techniques for building and using a test stand, please share them here



The sites looks nice but i have two inputs.

1. If you use wordpress i would like to see a google translate plugin. I know most of the translations are bad but better bad than nothing ;-)

2. For newbies i think the structure from the instructions is a little bit overkill. It must be simple as possible (step by step) and for beginners only with the ground informations that they need.

I think it must be splitet in two parts ex: (ground settings / Tweaking )

I know its really difficult to find the right structure :-)



More important than a redirection, would be a warning.

Being anxious to go fly after (thinking I had) finished configuration was a large factor in the complete destruction of my last Octocopter.

Thanks Tino. I like the idea of a translate plug-in, as you say: besser als nichts.

The tricky part is that newbies need more information, not less. It will be a challenge to give folks a path through all the info without making their brain melt.

Clean and succinct pages with minimal text, video tutorials, simple diagrams...

I have an APM 2.5 in the mail headed to me at the moment. And I'm doing some more reading before it gets here and there are two things I haven't been able to find that aren't necessarily vital but would be nice:

1) A photo of a complete APM 2.5 with GPS and Telemetry options that is hooked up to a receiver and servos. I'd just like to see everything plugged in the way it's supposed to work and laid out before it's mounted in a plane. Diagrams and models of things are nice, but a finished working setup is nice to see also.

2) Some example telemetry output files. I will probably use the ArduPlane software for most things, but I also want to make my own codes to analyze flight data. It would be nice to see a few example files that I could download and look through just to know what I'm getting into ahead of time.

What is HAL code ?
Yes and yes.

The new site looks wonderful. I'm curious about whether we can add multiple language instructions in this site?

I installed a translator plug in that does 60 languages, not sure how well it works yet.

Is it possible to add manually edited instructions in other languages? Since several contributors have translated the wiki into different languages, it is regrettable if we can not import them.

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