I'm having trouble getting the Gimbal's tilt control to work with mission planner/pixhawk.

It works fine alone, leveling etc.  When I try to pass through tilt control to RC through the pixhawk it just goes straight down and wont move at all.

I've double checked that my RC input is calibrated and that the connections are right...is there something special I'm missing?  If anyone has used one of these, details on your setup would be very helpful! thank you.

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No ones successfully used this gimbal?


   I will be helping another user with their issue later this evening over in the IRIS Group regarding this gimbal and how to set it up. 

Feel free to look over there later on tonight.

Todd H.


I use a Fieyu tech 3 axis gimbal with no problems.  Did you set up the input and which Aux out is to be used in mission planner?


David R. Boulanger

Any follow up on this? I am using a mini 3d gimbal but I can't seem to get any sense from the setup at all.

using ch15 to control the gimbal mode. ( locked, elev steered, elev and azimuth steered )

I can control the mount if I use channels 13 and 14 but routing those two to 7 and 8 and setting the PH to use them as control has no effect in that I can get the ph to apply any steering data to the gimbal.

Ian,  What F.C. are you using?  And , can you explain clearer what inputs and outputs are being used for gimbal control.  When you say "steering data" do you mean yaw or any movement?


David R. Boulanger

Hi Robert

Pixhawk ( PX4 v2 ) running 3.3rc12,Taranis 9XD X8R bound in mode 4 ( outputting ch's 9-16 on the pins) linked to the PH via SBus. Tower GCS in the field over 3DR radio link at 57000 and APM GCS 1 or two on the bench via wired USB ( next week I'm going to try to get MAVlink to communicate to the TX via the standard telemetry but I fear there is a bug in the comms .... but that's another story :)  )

The Feiyu mini 3d gimbal has 3 modes. 1-Pan and tilt lock, 2-Pan lock and 3-Pan and tilt both controllable.

I have connected a video switch to CH16 to select FPV camera or gimbal video - work great.

( CH8_OPT = 29 ) TX Channel 8 takes a 3 way switch for Landing gear control ( up/auto/down) which is fed out of the PH on RC12 ( RC12_FUNCTION = 29 ) and works fine.

I have got ch15 selecting the gimbal mode, works great.( Mode always RX controlled )

Tested on the bench wiring the RX direct to the gimbal can control pan and tilt via ch13 and c14 on the RX.

Next .....

Gimbal type set to servo

I have duplicated the pan signal on CH13 to CH6 and the tilt signal on CH14 to CH7

In the GCS initial setup> Optional hardware I have allocated RC9 to tilt control  ( Shows up in Full parameter list as RC9_FUNCtion = 7 ) and tilt input channel to CH7 ( I don't see this in Full Perameter list ?? ). Pan control is set to RC10 ( rc10_function = 6 ) with CH6 as the input.( And I don't see this in Full Perameter list ?? ).

Stabilize is set to off for both control channels as the gimbal has its own IMU

With TX turned off I have a 1600us wide pulse train out of RC9 and a 1900us pulse train out of RC10 moving the copter around makes no difference to the pulse train.

Turn the TX on and no amount of knob twiddling makes the blindest bit of difference.


Rotating the copter about 30 degrees back and forth I can get RC10 to toggle between 1000us and 1600us. No amount of tilting the airframe seems to make any difference to RC9.


Rotate the airframe to point north. Signal now 'centres' but still no influence by the TX on either channel.(Stabilze pan is set to off! )

Hmmm. set stabilize tilt to on, tilt now follows the copter angle.

( this is decidedly inconvenient as my desk faces roughly north and now the pins of interest on the PH are away from me and the 'scope leads are all falling out! :) )

Ian,  Sounds like you made some progress.


David R. Boulanger

Nope not really. I still have not got any control from the TX nor does setting a ROI from MP make any difference to the camera. This is exactly where i was when I jumped in!

Ian,  I'm a bit baffled as far as why your TX won't control it through the pixhawk.  You state that you could control it on the bench wired directly to the receiver.  It looks like you have it configured right in mission planner. Let me look at my parameters later.  I'm using 3.2.


David R. Boulanger

Were you able to figure out the ROI feature? I have complete control of the gimbal when flying manual but in a auto mission the ROI feature does not tilt the camera. Its mounted in a Iris+

Attempting to connect the Mini 3D with PX4 Plus on Tarot 650. Taranis Plus and X8R. No questions yet, just reading up.

Erik, have you resolved your issue with this? I have managed to get control of my Mini 3D Pro on Iris+ via my stock transmitter. A quick guide as follows:

Quick Guide to Installing FY Mini3D Pro gimbal to Iris+

Instal gimbal and connect wires from gimbal to Pixhawk as follows:

Blue (Tilt) wire - Pixhawk AUX OUT 1 (wire connects to bottom/signal (S) pin)
White (Pan) wire - Pixhawk AUX OUT 2 (to bottom/signal (S) pin)
Black/Brown wire - Pixhawk AUX OUT 3 ( brown wire connects to bottom/signal (S) pin)
Connect Black/Red wire to factory fitted Black/Red wire coming from vents on the underside of the Iris+

On the transmitter menu 'MIXER' page (5/10), copy the settings of Channel 7 down to Channel 8. Then edit Channel 8 changing the Source to P1 and Switch to nothing (---).

Connect Iris+ to Mission Planner (MP) (I found it best to use the 3DR Telemetry Radio connected to the PC and power the Iris+ with the battery). In the Configure/Tuning menu of MP, click on Standard Params and scroll down to Channel 7 option and Channel 8 option and change from 'Land' to 'Do Nothing' in the drop down lists. Click on 'Write Params' to save to copter.
In the Initial Setup menu of MP and click on Camera Gimbal. Next to the word Tilt the drop down list should already say 'RC9' and over to the right of the graphic for Tilt the drop down list under 'Input Ch' should already say 'RC 6'.
Now next to the word 'Roll' change the drop down to 'RC 11' and the Input Channel for Roll to 'RC 7'.
Then next to the word 'Pan' change to 'RC 10' and the Input Ch to 'RC 8'.
Disconnect MP from the Iris+ and re-boot the copter.

Now with the CH7 switch in the ON position you should be able to control the Tilt of the camera with the Tilt dial and the camera will pan automatically to follow the nose/heading of the copter when it is moved.
With the CH7 switch in the OFF position the camera will automatically remain pointed in the direction it was set when switching CH7 to off, when the copter is moved. You should also be able to control the Tilt of the camera with the Tilt dial and control Pan movement with the dial in front of the Tilt dial (Channel 8).

If all was successful, re-connect Iris+ (powered by battery again) to Mission Planner with power to the gimbal and camera switched on and run the 'Calibration Wizard'.

I do have a problem with getting Pixhawk to control tilt in auto missions to point at ROI though!

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