I'm having trouble getting the Gimbal's tilt control to work with mission planner/pixhawk.

It works fine alone, leveling etc.  When I try to pass through tilt control to RC through the pixhawk it just goes straight down and wont move at all.

I've double checked that my RC input is calibrated and that the connections are right...is there something special I'm missing?  If anyone has used one of these, details on your setup would be very helpful! thank you.

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Aaron, did you manage to resolve this? I am in exactly the same situation as yourself and have made no further progress despite exhaustive Internet searching.

Hi Ian,

Would these steps apply to a Spektrum DX8? Have you solved the issue with the auto missions?

I am about to get a FeiYu gimbal. I don't see anything else in the market that would work better with Pixhawk.


Hello! First post at this forum!

I have to ask you or anybody else who knows the answer. I am right now very close to success and have got all the controls working, I have tilt (ch6) I have pan(ch8) and I can control with ch7 as well. However I have one problem left and I don't know how to solve it.

The gimbal doesn't look forward? >It either looks straight down or backwards, straight down being the most forward position after I have turn P3 and backwards being what should be straight down but is backwards.

So what to do in mission planer? I have the settings just like you have but it really doesn't any difference what value I punch in under tilt.

I fly an 3DR Iris+ with Feiyu tech Mini3d gimbal

(I have already flown with the gimbal but then without any pitch control an then the camera was pointing forward, now I cant get it back)

Hey Christian

I fly one of these with full stability pan and tilt, and three modes. After wiring, mission planner setup, and transmitter setup, it should be fine.

One of the other things to check is to make sure the inital orientation of the gimbal (at the roll axis) is as pictured on the Feiyutech Pictures.

If I can help to describe more the wiring etc, let me know, but I'm pretty sure you have all that correct.

Does the follw you function work for you because my gimbal isnt looking at me other than that everythng is working just fine now with that setup

ahh I haven't tried that, but I doubt it would work since the FeiYu uses pan for the yaw axis. When you change the yaw pwm it would just keep turning in one direction, i.e. the yaw pwm doesn't correspond to the actual yaw of the camera

I was actually just thinking about the pitch, tilting the camera down to keep me in frame since Irisi+ will keep "looking" at you al the time

Ok, I have finally made some progress in setting up my Feiyutech gimbal where,  'Point camera here' and ROI seems to function as intended however,  it would be nice to have the subject (of the ROI) a bit lower in the shot/frame.

Does this mean I could adjust the PWM values  up  or down within mission planner?

Or just adjust them on the Taranis?

(I'm a little exhausted of trial and error with no result.)

Note: I'm running the same auto mission over so as to see the change but.... no change

Adjusting the parameters in mission planner should solve your problem.

Which one, up or down?


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