Feiyu Tech mini3D gimbal pointing down on 3dr Iris+

So I have one remaning problem with my new gimbal, I had this problem with my old gimbal as well but I cant remember how to fixit and right now I have done litterally anything in mission planer to fix this. So the problem is after initializiation the camera is pointing up when my knob on radio is set to point forward and the camera is pointing backwards when it should be pointing down. So any tips on how to fix this?

Otherwise the gimbal is working with pan, mode switch and tilt if I just could get the tilt travel to be accurate. The gimbal work fine when I flown before connecting any controllers etc.

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Update for mission planer settings.

Sometimes you just have sleep on it. The problem was that sometimes in the process of mounting and demounting I accidentally flipped the "roll" manually so when I started the initializing process the gimbal what he thought was up. Great, I´m a idiot hahaha. Now everything is working and the gimbal is rocking sweet!

Having similar gimbal issue for a while.. 

Taranis output channel 6 maps to  RC9. For Tilt, I'm using the side nob for this, wondering if that is an issue.

Output channel 7 maps  to RC10 for Pan.. ( I did not configure Roll at all)

Problems is , all seems fine using Radio for gimbal control although tilt keeps going until I bring the side nob back to middle..

So, during Auto mission with ROI, the Pixhawk tries to adjust the tilt which just continues all the way around and gets stuck, as it never stops...

Did you change the gimbal mode or update its firmware?

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