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 I've started to think this. Is it really worth of it? Yes, I'm really interested in UAVs, Different kind RC airplanes and so on, but what if this goes over? That I lose my interest to these after I have spent some money? I would have some fun at the summer, but what if I lose my interest? So I'm asking if this is really worth of everything, because I have to choose between two things, between the new computer what I could need too, and these. I only have money for one. Yes, I may sound a little "childish" but I just want to be sure about this and be sure that this interest will stay. And now, the final question, what do I get from this? This is fun, yes, but anything other? More knowledge? But if I'm going to take this more seriously, I have some questions about other things. First of all, if I'm going to take this seriously, I should also get some knowledge from UAVs and so on, thats what I'm getting into more. And now we get to ArduPilot whats going to be on my shopping list too. First I think I have no laptop in my use, so how will I survive without it at fields (I have a desktop computer of course)? What is wireless telemetry used to? To have a signal to the ArduStation? Anyway, I think I will take this more seriously, I'm always too skeptical with everything, thats why I'm asking a lot questions to get rid of misgivings.


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One step at a time. Get the plane first, like the Dynam HawkSky, and if nothing else you'll learn to fly and have fun.
I'm with Chris, make this summer the summer of learning to fly model aircraft. Its a hobby on its own you know.

Too many people are trying to fly UAS with no stick time, all the autopilots around are great but none of them will fly a badly set up airframe. Some will have a go at it.

If you learn to fly first you will not send an aircraft to the sky all out of shape.

Flying Model Simulator, a SPAD airframe made out of things you find lying around, estate agent signs and pizza boxes can fly.

In everything in life you have to serve your apprenticeship. People might be able to throw lots of money at a problem but nuts and bolts learning always counts.

Take this chap....


Now he had the money but lacked the skills.

If you find a local model flying club people will be more than happy to help you and you never know you might get some gear cheap.

The important thing is starting!

Oh make one of these and chuck it off a slope http://www.mugi.co.uk

Good luck, keep reading, keep learning and there is no such thing as a dumb question.
Thanks for your advice and time. Unfortunately I think that here are no people who are interested in these things. I've seen too much different people than me and I don't believe than anyone here could be interested in that, but anyway, I'll order Dynam HawkSky in these weeks and I will read a lot those things and learn. And I feel bad for that man who lost his really expensive helicopter ;) . I don't want to be that one who will lost his plane because he has no experience from flying. Anyway, I hope I'll get up to the right decidion.
Well you will have some fun flying at very least!
I hope so too, I just want to make sure that I wont crash my plane so going to fly on flight simulator before I even try the whole plane.
Well, you probably will crash the plane--we all do. But then you'll glue/tape it back together again and try again, and eventually you'll have some awesome flights and feel like you've got it. That's why we mostly use foam planes--they're easy to fix.

And don't feel too bad about crashing--after a few years of doing this, I have only recently got to the point where I have more air time than repair time in a flying session! Crashing is part of learning.
Thats good to know. What more I read about this, that more I want to do this. I hope I get my plane soon, but at the moment it looks like it's out of stock at http://www.nitroplanes.com/new4chdyhask.html but I think I can wait some more. Waiting for good things may be good until the interest is gone, so hopefully it comes to stock soon. I also hope that I'll find a good area to practice flying.

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