First commands for a balloon RC glider mission, and condition command help


My half-ideas are as follows:

In the parameter file, set "Throt_Max" to 0.  The RC has

to glide home due to power constraints, until it is visible

to the pilot, who will then switch it to manual and land it.

I don't know how the condition commands work yet, but

I think there is one related to altitude.

I think you always need a waypoint command to start.

(I'll have another system onboard which will trigger a release

mechanism upon reaching altitude, to free the RC glider

from the balloon).

So, given wind calculations, and ascent rate of balloon,

my first few commands would look like:

1. Condition altitude = 35,000 ft --> Do skip to 3

2. Waypoint (lat/long at projected release location, altitude 40k ft)

       (so on the way up Ardu is adjusting flight surfaces wildly, 

           trying to orient itself towards this point -- not good!)

3. Waypoint (lat / long at first point along optimal return trajectory), 

               (altitude 30,000 ft -- so it begins its descent)

Is this the best I can do, without getting into Arduino programming,

or other hardware?

And please advise how the condition commands work.

One last thing -- if there is a more preferable forum

for me to post this in, please advise...


--Lt Prahas David Nafissian,

Aerospace Education Officer,

Civil Air Patrol

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Thanks James.  I joined them.

Like your pic  ;-)


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