Well I was happy to do my first test flight ... until it crashed/malfunctioned!

GPS locked,  I armed,  take off,  hovered for a few seconds, then wanted to check the RTL, switched to RTL ... up and away until it crashed against a tree!   It felt like everything happened too quick.  I did nothing wrong (I think) now need to order new props but is now a little scared that it might fly away...

I attached my log if anyone can maybe tell me why or what happened!

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Willie, do you have the dataflash log file? At the point of when you switched to RTL I see your DistToHome is listed as 10411840 and which seems to indicate that your Home (or RTL) position was way off for some reason even though you had a 3D GPS lock. I'm trying to extract your waypoints from the tlog but it doesn't seem to work, did you have any waypoints loaded?

No, I had no waypoints.

I yesterday had almost a similar experience, and found today that there is a bug on the 2.9 ... and it sound like what happened to me.

Even yesterday I armed and next moment the quad was RTL ... started flying away and again luckily into a tree!!

So it looks like the RTL throttle failsafe bug ... that was giving me headaches/problems!!

One more question ... when I arm should the APM not set the home to the position where it arm?  Because yesterday I armed, and checked on the MP and saw that my home location is still way off?   And it was a few seconds then it "RTL" by itself ... make me want to throw it in the dustbin!!

Yes, it should, at least that's how I thought it worked but now I'm not 100% sure as I've also seen a 3D lock but my home postition way off, but read this post from Randy here.

I've not had any incidents where my quad has attempted to fly to a home position far away, but maybe check in the MP and click Home Postition if there's any doubt.

Ok, I see there is 2 "home" locations.  One when arming and the other set in MP, do you know where I can "see" the Arming home location?  I want to make sure it's correctly set.

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