Hi, i'm new and today i've started to make my first arducopter based quadcopter.

I followed the wiki but now i have a problem (the same reported here http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/transmitter-config-issues)

So in the configurator i cannot calibrate my transmitter, and if i try to calibrate the min throttle value trough the cli i can only see 1200 as value.

So i read somewhere that may be a sparkfun program error so i rewrite with a pirate bus with avrdude the firmware.hex for the mux.

But this didnt change the thing... the strange is that if i load on apm the APM_RC test i can se the value change if i move the respective stick on the radio. So i'm confused and i cant figure out what the problem is.

My setup is:

APM input connected to RX out with online a wire
+ and - from IN7 and no signal cable connected to output 8 of my receiver to power rx

APM powered from a UBEC 5v 5A

At all ESC i've disconnected the 5V red wire, so they're connected to the APM only with ground and signal.

Any help?

The firmware on apm is the latest as we speak of ArdupiratesNG (i followed the wiki and use tortoise SVN to download it) Then i've used the oline configurator.

i attached the config.h file

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i would try some other versions (arducopterNG, (ACM), arducopter RC1)

sorry don't know what could cause this problem (your connections are correct because it's working with the test code...)

maybe reupload ardupirates code.....

I reupload the code several times now.. no difference :(
i will try other version but its strange...
I am having the same problem. Did you fix it?
I'll be following this thread because I have a similar problem.
Please upgrade to AC2 and use the Mission Planner for setup.

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