So I just received my hexacopter and I'm very new to drones in general, so setup and following the very poorly written instructions from jdrones has proven to be very difficult for me. I would greatly appreciate any help and thank anyone who has taken the time to help me out.

1. My first question: Do I take the hexacopter stands off? They are very tightly screwed on, but I'm assuming they come off before flight. My copter is pictured below:

2. Is this the battery holder for the batteries that need to run the copter? If it is, where do I connect it? If not, what exactly is the battery/battery holder supposed to be/look like? I assumed jdrones sent everything, but thats the only semblance of a battery case I could find.

3. What do I do with this receiver? Where should I connect it and what do those two silver wires on the right end do? Do I connect those silver wires somewhere too? 

4. This is my radio. I've gotten it turned on after putting 8 batteries in it but it is beeping obnoxiously and telling me I have an "air brake warning". I googled around and found out I should simultaneously press the curser/select keys and that the issue is a programming error that (I?) need to fix, but I bought this and did not program anything myself. I was trying to follow: http://jdrones.com/jDoc/wiki:s_jdwfly9ch#flight_modes but the beeping is too obnoxious to continue. What should I do about that?

5. How do I do a test flight? Is the mission planner necessary? 

Thank you!

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Ok ,  got it. patience and practice in Sim is key word.  Just keep working on Sim flights and sooner or later you can fly. There is not much to read in manual for Sim. May be there is a softcopy in their site.  Landing is however another story :))).  Once you can fly , start practicing some landing.


So we've had some advancement with our hexacopter. We took it to an RC shop to see if they could help us. They said they were able to establish a connection between the computer and the copter and the receiver and the radio, but they cannot figure out how to work with the speed controls. 

The RC shop told us that the mechanics are very complicated and they don't know how to begin getting it off the ground and suggested that we return the hexacopter (I'm not entirely sure if that is possible or not). Do you guys have any advice?


Hi Alam,

Persistence is the key.  That hex is not as complicated as the RC guy(?!) said. .  I assume he does not have any QUAD experience either.  However good thing is he knows the RC stuff.   Caution: Don't install the Propellers for now.

By saying " establish a connection between the computer and the copter and the receiver and the radio "  we assume , that all except speed controller are working and connected,  Can you pls take few photos of all of it connected and post it here, so that we know what you mean by " establish the connection".  BTW You are not too far.   Mechanics of hexa/quad are not too complicated though for first timer it may look so.

If speed controller is  not activating( arming) , then it is because of design.  One is safety feature in software, second it is the range of throttle needs to be adjusted to be low  <1100  and high to >1900. And then arming and disarming requires two motion/action on the RC which is usually pulling down/lower the throttle stick and moveing it to full left( yaw motion). this usually arms the  copter,  doing the same to full low and right  disarms the quad. Now these parameters are for different  quad controller but I don't see why they won't apply for your case too.

Now questions.

1. Are you familiar with some basic programming skills? In  this case Arduino.

If not, down load it from above link and install. Ask any computer guy to help you install if you are not familiar.

2.  Photos of all the above connected as/by RC shop guy.  We need to see each item clearly , so take photo of any/every connection that has been done including the wires from speed controller and get back. 

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