I am currently building a 1.2 meter electric pusher flying wing which I would like to setup for auto flight and am looking for advice on what to use as a flight controller.
My radio is Frsky X9D and whatever receiver is required. Probably a X8R.
I am somewhat Raspberry Pi experienced and have a range available for use, ranging from a Raspberry Zero to a Raspberry 3B+. I have less arduino experience but do have a UNO available.
Can I use the hardware I have available or do I need to acquire an actual flight controller?

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You need to acquire an actual flight controller, or a flight controller "hat" for a RaspberryPi (such as the Navio 2). 

But the easiest route is a stand-alone flight controller, such as the Pixhawk 4

Don't let the silly marketing numbering on the Pixhawk fool you. The most up to date version is actually the Cube. Great flight controller with a lot of improvements. http://ardupilot.org/rover/docs/common-thecube-overview.html

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