a few weeks ago I began messing with using a bike rim as a multi rotor frame.

I was surprised at how well it worked, and I invite any of you out there to confirm what I have found.

This is the way I see it, please correct me if I am wrong.

This design has fewer components (rim, a few spokes and a center stack / plates)

as the motors are all mounted to the same mechanical member, the craft is more responsive and stable

vibrations are much reduced, due to the way the center stack is suspended, resulting in further resolution.

The flat rim is stronger, lighter and more crash resistant than any other frame type. If the rim comes out of round or true, it can be tuned with the use of the spokes.

different configurations can be placed on the same frame, without modifications. It is easy to use the rim in any configuration. different motor/ prop and ESC can be used and exchanged easily.

As an additional benefit, these frames are highly available, and relatively inexpensive.

I have modified this rim, by drilling out material , in order to further reduce weight, while maintaining structural integrity.

while doing this, I realized that the rim could be used to make a larger frame.. so i began designing a 1600mm spider hex, using the rim as the stabilizing member, and inserting aluminum z tube thru the rim.

g-10 plates bind the rods in the rim... this frame is light, and can be easily broken down for transportation. I have not completed this larger hexa... quite frankly I am getting out of my league...

I am hoping that someone with greater resources and experience will pick this up....

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How did you attach the motor mounts to the rim?
I used two vinyl straps per motor...

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