Will you sell the flexipilot by itself as I do not need the easy star glider. If so how much in GBP......


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Flexipilot itself is 999EUR plus taxes and shipment.
This gives 890GBP at 1.12 exchange rate (whoops it wasn't like this around 2002), plus shipment around 10-25GPB.
EasyUAV is 1199EUR.

Flexipilot will be test flown anyway,
and the successful integration should take anything from one 2 days to 2 weeks.
That is a nice amount of money there kris. It is a bit beyond the amount I want to spend on a diy project at this moment.

At that price have you sold many units?????

Thanks anyway
The price around or below minimal salary in civilized countries.
People tend to evaluate their time at 0GBP/hour what means the crisis is really deep.
The price is actually 2 times lower than any existing competition.
Also a few times less than cropcam, and nothing else in the middle at this level of reliability.
Pls note that Flexipilot is a complete and supported product - I am not expecting you to debug it.
More complex than early DOS you ran on the PC.
Why are you asking Chris?

Its Kryzs you should be asking.
Haha good one.
Once upon a time in France somebody put me on student's list as Kristofak. A sort of Dracula I guess.
BTW there is a thread for EasyUAV.

The key idea is that it has logging system, data decoding, automatic landing etc.
All tested since a year with one thing in mind: step out of your car, fly, move to the next position, fly, iterate, then get home and decode into results.
This assumes specific reliability and eliminating a lot of silly little bugs, like non-working connections in some scenarios, testing all possible configurations of waypoints etc. Therefore this is something you cannot expect from a group of volunteers, as there is always a large amount dirty, annoying job that nobody wants to do.
It has logging, USB connectivity, copy-past waypoint editing, export scripts to Google Earth, mission simulator, all the things that work 'as intended'.
thanks for the info kryzs. I will read into it a bit more. It seems a really good system but at this point in time I dont think I would get away with spending the money..

Sgt ric....I wasn't sure as to how it was spelt so I went for the 'safe' option knowing kryzs would answer it as it was in his section about his flexipilot system and when he replied I would hopefully find out how he spelt his name.
Right, I get it.
I am interested in Easu UAV. May request you for your mail ID to clear my furthet quaries before lpacing order.
Feel free to ask for details
kbosak at
Hey Chris,

do you reply customer too (me in this case)?

my mail Request fwd test mail.

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