Is there any source that covers the basic theory and equations for the control of quadcopters, including incorporating the accelerometers and gyros, the PID control, anything else, etc. I would like to get some information on the basic formulations.
I am very sorry to bother with this question - but - I have searched these files extensively and can't find this info. Found lots of secondary information. Lots of stuff on errors and problems but nothing on the fundamentals. Thank you, Jon

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It looks like you already got some answers on the AeroQuad forum, but for the benefit of anyone else who has the same question:


If you understand what "F=ma" means and have some idea about beginning calculus, try my (unfinished) tutorials here:


If you feel up to reading some academic papers, try here:


- Roy

Roy, what a fantastic resource.  Your write ups are great.  Looking forward to the rest of them.  I hope you keep it up, they are really informative and good.  Jon

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