I have noticed before but it hasn't been too much of an issue until now.

Can anyone tell me why it has extended the lines beyond the edge of the survey block (in the middle area). This is a completely un-necessary area to cover and over houses which we can't do in this country. (see screenshot)

I'm guessing its because of the uneven shape and it hasn't quite picked up on the boundaries. Does anyone know a workaround or solution. I could break up the block into smaller areas and that seems to help but it's a very clunky way to survey an area.



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Hi Robert,

Thanks for notifying, it seems that the uneccessary area is being covered because of the complex shape.

To investigate the case further, please e-mail us your mission or route file together with the screenshot to support@ugcs.com

We will then be able to provide some workaround or work on improving the algorithm.




After talking to our developers, it seems this is a known problem. We have raised the priority for fixing the issue, so I hope this will be solved in one of the upcoming versions.

For now, the only workaround is to split the Photogrammetry in several parts.

Sorry for the inconvienence,



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