I am writing a software for ArduPilot aerial survey flight planning, I intend to make it FREE for download for DIYDRONES community. This software would be similar to commercially available programs for Micropilot based Cropcam UAV. I would like to know what kind of features you would be looking for. Your feedback would be very helpful.

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I also need such a program. Any success to obtain one?

Just wondering what people are doing for this? Has their been software created? People using spreadsheets? 


email address is george@aerialpix.co.za please if you will send me a copy of your spread sheet

Thanking you


We are doing research to provide for a low cost aerial mapping system for riverbanks. I will look forward to testing your sorftware. 

It should include an efficient stitching process. 

Jerome Lacap

University. Of the Philippines Los Banos


I already have a custom version of MP for aerial mapping..  Based on Brandon's Camera Planner.. will calculate distance and waypoints (your choice) based on Camera spec's (Focal length, MP, Lens, Sensor, overlap, sidelap, etc..)  Add's an option under GridV2 called "CameraGrid"

Message me if you want a link..  either compiled or source..

where can i find this software?


compiled please i am a nube


There are 2 options in CameraGrid,  Default uses CAM_TRIGG_DIST and if you tick the "Draw Interior Waypoints" checkbox  it will add waypoints DO_SET_SERVO.

You have to click the "Ok" button twice, first time is calculates everything and you can then change the distance setting if you want, second draws the grid.

Ok so i have downloaded this, however i do not know how to compile?  Is there a compiled version?

I plan to use this to help me make 3d models of farms for planning and design purposes. 

hi, I know this is an old thread, but can email me your excel sheet ?

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