I am writing a software for ArduPilot aerial survey flight planning, I intend to make it FREE for download for DIYDRONES community. This software would be similar to commercially available programs for Micropilot based Cropcam UAV. I would like to know what kind of features you would be looking for. Your feedback would be very helpful.

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What would it do differently than the flight planning tools we have now (QGroundControl, HappyKillmore's GSC, Mike O's Planner)?

Having never seen a cropcam setup I'm not sure what the general functionality you are talking about is...
I assume that you know the characteristics of the software provided by http://www.lentsika.ceped.it/

I have done a few aerial geographic surveys using an autopilot in a Telemaster airframe. I did the mission planning by hand. Your efforts would be very welcome.

If you have specific questions, I'll try to answer them based on my experience.

The mission planning software for aerial mapping provide more options for ensuring the area coverage by calculating flight lines and way points to map a particular area with required overlaps between the photographs.

Thanks, yes I am planning something similar to Lentsika.

Nice post,


As a start:

- Focal length of camera.

- Flying height above datum or photo scale for certain elevation.

- Size of photo.

- Size ans shape of area to be photographed.

- Expected diff. from nadir photo

- Overlap.

- Sidelap.


=> Flight pattern generation

=> Trigger settings


I have excel sheet that I use for this type of calculations. If you PM an e-mail adress, I can send it

Thanks for your suggestions, my email address is info@acuvec.com



Mail sent, hope it might be of some help

In case the excel workbook might be of interest also to others, here it is.


The spreadsheet is not advanced, just something I made for fast calculations when planning aerial photo missions. I start by calculating the distance between flight lines and each triggerpoint/photo. (Input; camera parameters, flight height and -speed, etc). Then the waypoints are built to correspond. 

Note; I originally developed this for the T3-4 competition for my EasyUAV, (EZStar using a flexipilot autopilot). It has the ability to loop over waypoints, so I just used 6 or 7 waypoints which was looped over a number of times. I do not know how this will relate to programming of other ap's.


The resulting flight-pattern can be viewed here: http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/t3-round-4-map-a?id=705844%3ABl...

Thanks for sharing
I would like to be able to click in a live feed and get an estimated LAT/LOG position for that target that I clicked on.

You might find the attached excel file useful also.




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