I am writing a software for ArduPilot aerial survey flight planning, I intend to make it FREE for download for DIYDRONES community. This software would be similar to commercially available programs for Micropilot based Cropcam UAV. I would like to know what kind of features you would be looking for. Your feedback would be very helpful.

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  • I already have a custom version of MP for aerial mapping..  Based on Brandon's Camera Planner.. will calculate distance and waypoints (your choice) based on Camera spec's (Focal length, MP, Lens, Sensor, overlap, sidelap, etc..)  Add's an option under GridV2 called "CameraGrid"

    Message me if you want a link..  either compiled or source..

  • We are doing research to provide for a low cost aerial mapping system for riverbanks. I will look forward to testing your sorftware. 

    It should include an efficient stitching process. 

    Jerome Lacap

    University. Of the Philippines Los Banos


  • Just wondering what people are doing for this? Has their been software created? People using spreadsheets? 


  • How are you going with this task have you finished yet.

  • Hi it would be great if you could could work out the speed that the craft must travel at ?? height to be able to overlap the images by 60% given the focal lenth and footprint the camera will give at a certain height and also give you a flight plan based on the area that needs scanning

    Thanks George 

  • I am building a Y copter for arial survey and am also looking for a open sourced waypoint planner software. 

    If you have found one or completed your project please let me know.


  • Michael added support for intermediate waypoints along the flight line not too long ago, so now it is a fully functional graphical map based photo layout flight planner for manned aircraft as well. We also make a hardware device to connect your aviation gps to your camera to automatically trigger the camera from a flight plan made with APM mission planner and uploaded to the gps. see: http://airbornescientific.com/content/OSAC
    Open Source Aerial Camera System | Airborne Scientific Inc.
  • Mission Planner is excellent for general flight plan, download michaels mission planner and give taht a try. Are you wanting to do the mission planning for a manned plane?
  • Hi all,

    I'm searching for a Flight Planning Software for Aerial Mapping. I read all the posts but nothing about an open source solution to generate flight plan, with GUI based on google earth maps or other. I use the freeware GSD Calculator (http://www.aerial-survey-base.com/gsd-calculator/) to calculate GSD, overlap/sidelap, but mapping interface is missing ;-(


    Best regards.


  • Dear Fouad,


    Great initiative. An option few mission planning software for geoapplications have, is to set directly set up the mission plan for 3D acquisition (every point on the terrain pictures from 4 angels).

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