Does anyone know the correlation between hovering time, flight time, and battery life on a copter? How much of the battery will be used just to hover and how much is used to to fly over a distance?

Thank you!

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Ohh, I see. Thank you!

Also if I may ask, you mentioned forward flight having an efficiency benefit. Is that better efficiency in comparison to hovering or just aggressive flying?

Should one want to spend more time reading related DIYD blog posts and discussions...  I added a link to this blog post onto this DS page about Testing UAV and UAS performance.  :-)

Your question does not have an answer as "flight time" is not fully defined by intrinsic copter parameters (incl battery, weight, motor and ESC efficiency,...)

Only hover time can be precisely computed, assuming however no external forces. For that you can use the ecalc link others have already posted here.

This is so great, thank you!

I see... I guess I can just typically assume the "flight time" to be shorter than the calculated hover time. Thank you!

Also, we would want at least a 2:1 thrust to AUW ratio, correct?

Kate, is this your first UAV?

If it is, I would not deter you from building your Hex, but while you do it, I would suggest acquiring something that bounces, because you will crash. And crash. And crash again.

Getting stick time on a cheap toy as you build your Hex, will save you hundreds (or more) when you do fly your hex. I'm old and slow to learn so it took me awhile, but it suddenly just clicks, and when it does, you can fly orbits and figure 8's around trees. Google massiverc or banggood for some cheap ones.

Will definitely look into this, thanks!!

Hi Kate at one time I had a "Start Here" page on the DIYDrones Wiki, but it has been removed by those in charge because it doesn't fit with their view that it needs to only pertain to APM or Pixhawk.

If you are actually new to this and need to learn how to fly a multicopter I strongly urge you to take a look at the page I have reconstructed on my own web site at Drones Are Fun .Com

If you heed the advice there I guarantee you it will save you a lot of time and money.

And it even includes actual flight instruction.

I didn't know that 3DR and the person now in charge of the copter wiki section had removed it until I just looked for it to give you a link to it.

I am saddened by the fact that they have done this and am sure it represents a material loss to the DIYDrones community.

It does however make me very glad I left when I did.

Best Regards,


That site is awesome! 

My intro was from a different crowd: The: "Learn Acro First" or "We don't need no stinking leveling" people.

I suppose they thought they were being funny. I almost threw in the towel before I found a micro quad and learned how quads were meant to be flown.  

Hi Bill,

I've heard the same about starting with a simpler copter from reading other discussions and websites... unfortunately (as a summer intern) my mentors are set on building a hex, unless proven to be less efficient than another solution. I'll take into account what you said about all the crashing... we are hoping to do more automatic flights than manual so hopefully that will help! I'll also talk to them about purchasing one of the smaller toys you have suggested. Probably safer to start with.

Thank you so much!

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